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Kids World Goldthorpe is split over two sites. Our ‘Dearne’ nursery caters exclusively for two year olds while our ‘Goldthorpe’ nursery looks after our three and four year olds. We feel this layout gives children far more opportunities to develop at their own pace. Younger two’s who may feel a little overwhelmed at the start of their nursery life get chance to settle in to a smaller, quieter nursery while the three and four year old pre school children have a much larger space which ultimately gets them ready for progression into school.

Transitions between the two nurseries is seamless. Many of the staff work across both nurseries so the children will always have a familiar face to turn to. Emma Kingston oversees both nurseries as manager while each nursery has a deputy manager and a senior practitioner ensuring high standards are maintained. The nurseries are side by side, one being located within ‘The Factory’ community centre on Barnburgh Lane and the other on the lane to the side.

Both nurseries are on one level and are wheelchair accessible throughout. They have age appropriate furniture and resources which provide an exciting environment in which play and learn. The play rooms are structured in such a way as to promote each child’s independence and encourage their inbuilt curiosity, children in both nurseries have free flow access to outdoor areas.

Our dedicated staff team are at the heart of all that we do. Every child has a key person assigned to them. Each child’s key person builds strong bonds with their key children, this ensures a consistent approach following their individual care routines and providing for their holistic needs. Both nurseries are open Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm. The ‘Dearne’ nursery is open during term time only. During school holidays, which is a quieter period, all children and staff move across to our ‘Goldthorpe’ nursery which operates all year round, only closing for Christmas, bank holidays and up to 3 inset days per year. We offer a variety of sessions which include meals and snacks, for funded children there is an option to either bring a packed meal or purchase a prepared meal.

The nursery also provides support to children with special needs and liaises with external agencies to ensure appropriate support is given.

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